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What can therapy, counseling and coaching offer you?

The migration experience and the process of integration and other life transition phases are major challenges for everyone in the family. For this, professional assistance is helpful.

Even though crises or difficult situations can generate situations of challenge and growth, they can create health, concentration or other emotional or physical problems connected to:

    • Life Transition Phases
    • Migration
    • Separation, loss or illness
    • Child raising
    • Difficult decisions
    • Problems related to work or career

Human suffering can be transformed with the help of systematic reflection, support and coaching. The therapeutic relationship offers a base for acquiring insights which alleviate emotional pain, repetitive negative thinking, poor self esteem and provides skills for making behavioral changes in ones life.

Sometimes, we are just stuck and can’t do it alone or just need to sort things out.

Long-term partnerships require motivation, skills and hard work.

Family and partnership problems occur during everyone’s life time. The incidence of divorce is approximately 50% and is increasing. The financial and emotional costs of divorce is high. Couple therapy has been proved to reduce the divorce rate.