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The world we are living in demands greater and greater awareness and skills in the cross-cultural area. Globalization and shifting job markets are among the major reasons for an increase of economic immigration.

Developing increased cultural sensitivity and awareness, as well as, acquiring of knowledge and skills is becoming very important for professionals in the social, health and mental health professions. The need and demand for such skills is very visible in the private sector.

In addition, I have edited a book on therapy and counseling with immigrants and written various articles on the subject of Cross-Cultural Competence for Counselors and Therapists over the last ten years. I have lectured and offered workshops and training for professionals in the mental health professions in Germany, the U.S and Switzerland.

I am now immigrating to Maputo. It is my 7th move. I have learned languages, had papers translated and recognized and worked in all of these places.
I am very aware of the problems expects encounter: the adventure, loss, constructing a new community, integrating, home sicknes and starting all over.
And here I am again.