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I have opened a Psychological Practice in Maputo as of September 2018. I was born and studied in the USA, and lived and worked in Ecuador, Chile and 14 years in Brazil. I have resided and worked in Freiburg, Germany for the last 20 years doing psychotherapy and coaching, as well as couple therapy. I edited a book with two colleagues, “Therapy und Counseling for Immigrants: Systemic-Inter-cultural Concepts and Practice. 2005.” I began to use an approach in working with couples which I find very effective, EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy - www.eft.ca ). In the last 5 years research has confirmed the effect of couple counseling on reducing divorce rates.

I work as a Systemic Individual and Couple Therapist, Coach and use methods from in-depth Psychotherapy. I am experienced in working with foreign clients, expats and bicultural couples. My clients have issues ranging from: burn out, job problems and career decisions, adaptation and integration, depression, anxiety, self- esteem, sleep disorders, concentration difficulties, general health and well- being concerns, as well as work related, couple and family relation problems.

As Migration trends have changed I specialize more and more with clients who had relocation, adaptation and integration problems. I worked with bicultural couples and started to do a lot of coaching- which is a short term focused counseling working with problems ranging from problems of adaptation, burnout, concerns about health, personal issues, job related problems, social and family issues.
I have years of experience in clinical work and am licensed both in Seattle, Washington and Germany (Approbation). I am also a clinical member of the AAMFT (American Association of Marriage and Family Therapy).

The Mozambican Department of Education has also recognized my credentials as a Clinical Psychologist.

Dpl. Psych./ University of Washington
Licensed in USA, Brazil, Germany and Mozambique